7/31開催 Emi Onishi マンスリー 瞑想ワークショップ






7月 31日 (月)9:30~11:30

Studio monk


¥5500 (リピーターは500円値引き)




the door to blooming awareness
~mantra meditation WS~
by Emi Onishi


In Emi’s meditations, sound is always used. These are Emi’s original stringed instruments and voice. At first, you may feel resistance to singing or making your voice louder. However, when that block is removed, you will feel yourself expanding as a big vibration, and in the midst of the reverberation, you will experience the sensation of entering into a deep meditation.

This is a rare evening meditation session at the studio. Please register as soon as possible.



A mantra is a sound or phrase with healing powers that has been passed down from generation to generation in India, and is said to be a form of God manifested in sound.

They are widely used in Mantra Yoga and in Ayurveda as mantra therapy.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means “man” = mind” and “tra” = free.”

By repeatedly chanting the sacred sounds with special vibrations aloud or in your mind, your head full of thoughts will become quiet and your body and mind will be balanced.

Let the healing power of sound resonate through your body and mind as you meditate.

DATE: Sunday 18th June

TIME: 18:00-20:00

LOCATION: Studio monk (monk2F)

CAPACITY: 8 people 

PRICE: ¥4400-